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sauna by lake

Our Mission Statement

Got Sauna promotes sauna culture by providing authentic sauna rentals, hosting sauna-centered events, and offering insightful consulting and high-quality sauna equipment focusing on exceptional customer service.

sauna in the summer

Learn About Our Mobile Sauna, Abundance

Our mobile sauna, Abundance, is a self-contained wood-burning Finnish sauna. Its compact design makes it easy to deliver nearly anywhere, including your home, Airbnb, yoga retreat, private events, and small corporate functions. Expertly designed and built, it provides plenty of space for several adults to bask in the loyly at once. Fear not first timers, our Sauna Mestari will take the time to provide you with a complete orientation. Learn more about our one-of-a-kind mobile sauna, Abundance, and discover if it’s right for you:

  • Solar-Powered Electricity
  • Separate Dressing Room
  • Cold Plunge Tank
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Birch Vihtas
  • And More
spokestone eino & elo

Eino & Elo Guide Are Here to Guide You

You won’t be traveling on your journey alone. Our spokestones, Eino and Elo, will be with you every step of the way, providing rock-solid support and optimism for your sauna experience. They’ll teach you how to embrace sauna culture and diplomacy. As the hot room opens pores, the conversation and sweat begin to flow. Everyone is equal in the sauna, watch how the ritual of multiple rounds creates the opportunity to connect with in a unique way. Discover these and many other benefits of our mobile sauna, Abundance:

  • Flush Toxins From the Body
  • Aid in Exercise Recovery
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Improves Brain Health Helps
  • Fight Illness
  • Relives Stress
  • Deep Cleans the Skin
  • Social Iteration

Mobile Sauna Rentals in New England

Escape from the hectic chaos and routine of everyday living we bring the centuries-old tradition of heat bathing directly to you. Got Sauna provides mobile sauna rental services throughout Greater Boston and Central New England. Our focus is on the experience and ritual of traditional saunas through rentals and consultations. Push the reset button on your life, feel energized, and prepare for whatever life throws at you. Learn more about this tradition and speak to us today to have a sauna delivered nearly anywhere in New England.

Answer the Call to Better Health

Now more than ever, people are searching for ways to improve their mental and physical health. Saunas not only have proven health benefits, but you can also enjoy the social aspect. The sauna feels good for your whole body, restoring a calm spirit to body and soul, whether alone or with friends. Let us guide you through the sauna experience so you can get the most from your time. Contact us today to schedule a rental for your next corporate or private event or vacation getaway.

Client Testimonials

Choose the Right Sauna Experience for You