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Detoxify Your Body With Thermal Contrast Therapy

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Discover the Benefits of Thermal Therapy

Thermal therapy is a safe and effective treatment method that promotes mental and physical healing. Whether you have rheumatoid arthritis or low blood circulation, you can make a sauna experience part of your lifestyle intervention to enhance your overall health. Got Sauna’s team is available to help ensure you receive the most benefit from your mobile sauna rental. Some of the most significant health benefits of thermal therapy include:

  • Eliminates Toxins
  • Helps With Weight Loss
  • Relieves Muscle Pain
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Accelerates Healing
  • Reduces Stress

What Is Thermal Therapy?

Thermal therapy is becoming widely recognized as a healing technique. Thermal therapy exposes the body to short bursts of high temperatures up to 200ºF. Our wood-burning sauna creates a heat with medium levels of humidity, which gently raises core tissue temperatures promoting increased circulation throughout the body. As water is poured onto the hot stones to increase the humidity over its 10% to 20% baseline, the dewpoint rises, and the body sweats eliminating toxins. Our Thermal Therapy is an Ideal way to help you feel GREAT!

Improve Your Health With Our Mobile Sauna

Got Sauna’s mobile sauna rentals provide you with all the mental and physical health benefits of visiting the sauna with the added convenience of enjoying it whenever and wherever you want. Our mobile sauna can comfortably seat several adults. We also offer additional add-on options to enhance your sauna experience and personalize it for your needs. Take a moment to reflect on your physical and mental health and honor your body by providing it with a natural healing treatment. Reserve your rental today.

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Learn the Difference Between a Traditional Finnish Sauna & “Dry” Sauna

A traditional wood stove Finnish sauna is the premier experience for sauna enthusiasts. By perfectly balancing heat and humidity, you’ll enjoy a healthy sweat to open pores, eliminate toxins, relax muscles, and improve your overall mental and physical health. Finnish saunas reach a minimum temperature of 150°F, which is required to help alleviate the tension in the body. You’ll also use a bucket of water, a ladle, and hot stones to control the humidity level inside the sauna. Maintaining a 20% to 40% humidity level is crucial for the experience. The Steam created is called Löyly. Löyly is the soul of the sauna. A dry sauna is a different experience not using water on the stones.

cold water therapy

Refresh Your Body With Cold Water Immersion Therapy

With its numerous health benefits, cold water immersion therapy has become incredibly popular amongst sauna enthusiasts. Between sauna rounds, you can submerge your entire body in one of our cold-water plunge tanks. The sudden drop in temperature and hydraulic pressure restricts blood vessels and redirects blood to your vital organs, including the heart, brain, and lungs. Once you emerge from the tank, your blood vessels expand, and nutrient-rich blood is sent throughout your body to help eliminate waste products and reduce inflammation. Feel the magical sensation that is found nowhere else.

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Choose the Right Thermal Therapy for You