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About the Ritual

Everyone develops their own sauna ritual; for many, it involves several rounds in the hot room separated by recovery sessions. These are the fundamental steps that most practiced sauna enthusiasts follow, receiving the benefits derived from dramatic temperature changes and controlled Stress & Recovery.

Step 1:

Rinse in a shower or with a bucket of water

Step 2:

Sit in the heat room

Step 3:

Recover outside

Step 4:


Get Ready to Awaken Your Senses!


Spokestones Eino & Elo Say Let’s Do This

Head into the hot room appropriately attired – varies with the guests, we address this elsewhere. Your body will wonder what you are thinking – Why are we in this hot place?  Let’s retreat! Wait… Let’s give it a moment allow yourself to acclimate and have a seat on the bench (higher the hotter). Settle in, low shallow breaths, wet your head, and duck down a bit. When everyone is ready, use the dipper in the bucket to ladle some water onto the stones. Slowly at first, recognize the ratio of water on the stones to increase in heat. Stay as long as you feel comfortable.

this to your body and stay as long as your are comfortable quote

Take a Break

No prizes for macho – Leave the hot room go outside or into the dressing room and, allow your body to recover. Perhaps a jump in the pond, pool, or plunge tank. Roll in the snow. Let your body become acclimated to the surroundings, maybe even cold.  (Perhaps the temperature is just a number.) Remember to hydrate – have a beverage. when you are ready, return to the hot room and repeat the process. Do this as often as you like. Most folks do 3-4 rounds.

loyly is the aromatic steam that heats the room to get your pores working quote

Got Saunas Unique Aromatherapy

Smell is one of our most dominant senses. In a moment, we can be whisked away to a particular point in time. Whether it’s a perfume, your favorite food, or some other aroma, our smell is deeply linked to the rest of our body. Aromatherapy aims to harness this unique ability by providing a soothing scent to help the mind, body, and spirit heal. At Got Sauna, we harvest supple birch branches, called Vihtas, in the spring. Once they have dried, they are used to make a birch tea to pour over the Kiuas. The tea releases a fragrance that cannot be found or replicated anywhere else.

The Last Round

You will know when you have had enough. the same 180° that struck fear in your heart is now an old friend.  Time to head out – Following you last hot round douse yourself with a bucket of cold water or a cold shower. This will stop your body from sweating and start to cool your core.  Relax – enjoy a tasty snack and beverage.  Food will taste better and optimism will take you by storm.  Refrain from using heavy machinery for several hours, at least until after you have had a nap.

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